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Charging Back: Making Color Pay for Itself

One way to control your costs for color printing is to charge them back to those who are doing the printing. Charging back these costs can help reduce operational costs in two ways.

1. Internal users who are billed for all or some of their color printing are likely to be more aware of, and more mindful about, how much they print—and, as a result, more judicious in their use of printing resources. This can result in less usage.

2. By billing external users, organizations can eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, the color printing and copying costs that they normally absorb on behalf of their clients or patrons.

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Color Printing at Work

The right color printing solution can reduce costs and improve efficiency in a variety of printing and imaging environments. The following scenario describes how one organization is using HP color printers to bring a key printing function in-house—and dramatically cut costs and increase efficiency.

The organization: Professional sports team

Color Printing: Just What You Need

Color printing has been around for years, but until recently, it was not that widely used in everyday office environments. According to industry observers at CAP Ventures, this may be because color printers have traditionally been perceived as too expensive and complex to be of much value for everyday usage.1 However, now that color devices are becoming more affordable and functional, that’s changing.

Communicating Better With Color

Did you hear the one a few years back about the intern who faxed some charts to a team of reviewers in advance of a meeting—with a cover note directing their attention to the figures in green? Quite a faux pas in the days before color faxes. But it’s no joke: Color can be one of the most powerful tools at an organization’s disposal when it comes to organizing information, increasing understanding, and making people and operations more productive and efficient. And today, the technology for color printing to help achieve these ends is more advanced, accessible and affordable than ever.

Using Color Access Controls to Maximize Value

Organizations that are incorporating color into their printing and imaging environments would like to be able to control access to color printing in order to maximize the return on their investments in color. This doesn’t simply mean limiting access to color, or placing controls on who uses color and who does not, although there is certainly value for some organizations in being able to do just that.