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Managing Print Costs Whitepapers

Assessing and Benchmarking Document Costs: Developing a Future Document Strategy

The proliferation of output devices such as printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners has significantly contributed to the dramatic increase in document output volume and cost over the years. While the majority of today’s organizations acknowledge the potential savings from better document management, many still lack the understanding and expertise to address the problem.

Assessing the Imaging and Printing Environment

These days, IT operations are under a microscope like never before. The pressure is on to run compliant, cost-effective operations that maximize productivity and minimize costs. At the same time, decreased operational costs and proven returns on investments have become baseline requirements.

Balanced Deployment at Work

Recent IDC research suggests that “a large site with 1,000 plus employees is paying $200 plus per employee in direct hardcopy costs alone.”* So, not surprisingly Gartner research reveals a new trend in the way organizations think about managing their printing and imaging environments.

Capella Technologies MIPA PIN Data Sheet

Fast, flexible and easy to use, HP LaserJet MFP devices have revolutionized the way that businesses of all sizes communicate. Still, the very versatility of these machines presents businesses with a number of challenges.

Examining the Cost and Value of Documents

Dramatic changes in the ways that organizations define and use documents today have given rise to tremendous opportunities— as well as significant risks. The same documents that can have a negative impact on costs can have a positive effect on helping achieve an organization’s goals.

How to Apply a Strategic Approach to Managing Printing and Imaging

There’s more to running an efficient and cost-effective printing and imaging environment than just buying new devices. A well-planned, strategic approach to managing printing and imaging can reduce costs and increase productivity through the entire lifecycle of the devices in your environment.

Quality and Cost Savings-It Pays to Buy Remanufactured

In trying economic times, smart companies are taking a hard look at the costs of producing hard copies. Dollar-savvy purchasers are turning to the cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative of compatible and remanufactured cartridges.

Eckelkamp Retirement Planning, a small business offering independent financial advising services, is one company that saves time and money by ordering remanufactured cartridges.

Remanufactured Cartridges-Making the Case

In 1997 the United States Environmental Protection Agency stated that remanufactured products are as good as new in its publication WasteWi$e Update. The publication promotes the benefits of purchasing recycled products, and is distributed to businesses that are WasteWise Partners, government agencies and other subscribers.

The Optimized Imaging and Output Environment-IDC

When it comes to the bottom line, few C-level executives would dispute the importance of having the right mix of their core resources, whether it's people, physical infrastructure, processes, or information. Misallocation of these resources can lead to higher costs and makes it harder for companies to get the most from their employees, processes, and assets.