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Multi-Function Systems Whitepapers

10 Ways HP MFPs Save You Time and Money and Help Protect Your Information

1. Spend less time managing devices IT departments spend 15% of their time on printerrelated issues. Consolidation results in fewer hardcopy devices to manage and a smaller inventory of supplies and spare parts to maintain. Plus, network integration makes MFPs easier and less expensive to support than their standalone counterparts.

HP LaserJet MFP End to End Security

Despite the critical roles networked imaging and printing resources play in the processes and workflows of large and small organizations alike, IT professionals frequently ignore security threats to the imaging and printing infrastructure and often leave it entirely unsecured.

HP LaserJet4345mfp for Distributed Capture

While many organizations have invested heavily in enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, many have difficulty in bringing the benefits of those investments down to the individual workgroup level. Many small departments and distributed workgroups are still plagued by manual paper handling and routing processes that create huge inefficiencies and potentially costly errors.

MFP: The Right Tool For the Job

Much has been said about the escalating cost of creating and working with documents.

About the impact on operations: “Imaging and printing accounts for up to 15 percent of an organization’s overall operating costs.” Source: CAP Ventures

About the effect on labor costs: “Printing and imaging processes can account for as much as 40 percent of labor costs.” Source: Avi Basu, IT Journal

Turning a Copier Refresh into a Strategic Opportunity

Copier manufacturers may introduce devices that offer more power and more features at or below previous costs from year to year. This strategy creates a powerful incentive for organizations to replace older devices with technology that is similar, yet newer and somewhat enhanced.