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Print Management Whitepapers

HP Universal Print Driver 4.0 Data Sheet

The HP Universal Print Driver is more than a onesize-fits-all print solution. The sophisticated yet simple print driver communicates directly with each HP device, gathers configuration information, then customizes the user interface to show the device’s unique, available features.

HP Universal Print Driver 4.0 Review / Evaluator’s Guide

The HP Universal Print Driver is a single, intelligent, feature-rich driver that replaces individual drivers and makes it easy to connect to virtually any HP printing device, at home, in the office, or on the road—without downloading separate, product-specific drivers.

One Driver to Rule Them All: The Universal Print Driver - InfoTrends

Handling print processes within a user organization would almost be a non-issue if the printing environment consisted of multiple instances of the same device on the network. Unfortunately, this is typically not the case. A company’s printer fleet usually consists of multiple brands and models, which can make management, support, and use of print devices challenging.

Webjet Admin 10 Data Sheet

HP Web Jetadmin version 10.0 is packed with features designed to save you time, improve user productivity, and make your life easy. Enjoy drag-and-drop capability, right-click functionality, single sign-on, a brand new task-based interface, enhanced management of printing supplies, and device discovery based upon Active Directory services—just to name a few.

HP Web Jetadmin 10.0 puts more information at your fingertips, empowering you to manage your total printing and imaging environment more efficiently than ever. Ad hoc reports, customizable templates, improved performance, and a native database all help you work faster and better. Easily manage your supply inventory and assess future needs with proactive supplies reporting and alerts. Convenient supplies reordering capabilities maximize printer uptime.

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Webjet Admin 10 Reviewer / Evaluator's Guide

As business infrastructures become increasingly complex, managing printing and imaging peripherals develops into a major challenge. It is often difficult to obtain a global perspective on the quantity and capabilities of your company’s printing and imaging devices. In addition, as the number of your peripherals increases, so do your support and maintenance responsibilities.