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Graphic Arts

Wide format systems are extremely useful in the following artistic industries:

  • Graphic Arts
  • Professional Photography
  • Pre-Press Proofing

Nothing makes a big statement like a wide-format system can. You will be amazed at the quality of the color produced by our vibrant inks, and with output sizes of up to 64 inches wide and 150 feet long, you are certain to find a system for your needs.

Outstanding Image Quality
The unique combination of high-resolution engines, specially formulated inks and media creates amazing image quality. Output resolutions of up to 2,400 X 1,200 dpi enable amazing detail. Our eight cartridge ink systems leverage four black inks with different shades of gray to create tight color reproductions.

Uniform Glossy Output
Gloss enhancement can be used on glossy and semi-gloss photo papers to produce images with uniform gloss from highlights to shadows.

Extensive Color Controls
Adobe PostScript/PDF RIPs give you optimum networkability and PostScript color management. Calibration is made easy with an embedded spectrophotometer on some models. HP’s advanced profiling systems allow you to customize your output to emulate your SWOP or other output devices for accurate proofs.

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